Weather forecast for March: meteorologist names features of the first month of spring 2024

погода березень

The weather in Ukraine will be rainy in most regions. Fogs are also possible.

In the second decade of March, there will be a certain restructuring of atmospheric processes. This was announced by weather forecaster Igor Kibalchich, Meteoprog reports.

The intensification of cyclonic activity and atmospheric fronts will be caused by the development of a multi-centre low pressure area over the countries of central and southern Europe, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. The air temperature will remain high, with significantly warmer nights.

The weather forecast for March indicates that the intensity and frequency of precipitation in Ukraine will increase further after 18-20 March in the form of rain. This will be especially true in the western northern and central regions of our country.

The western and southwestern transfer of air masses will prevail. This will help to maintain above-normal minor inter-day fluctuations. On some nights, temperatures will be -1…-7 °C. Night frosts will not be recorded only in the southern part.

The weather forecast for March suggests that the average monthly temperature in March across Ukraine is expected to be 2 to 3.5°C above normal and will range from +1 to +6°C. In the Carpathians, the temperature will be around 0°C.

In the second half of the month, the likelihood of precipitation will increase significantly as atmospheric fronts and cyclones visit our country more often. Over the month, the total amount of precipitation will be within the normal range, with some areas in the western regions recording 15-30% above normal.

As a reminder, the meteorologist made a weather forecast for February and surprised Ukrainians.