Two days before his death, he donated 25 thousand rubles to the museum: who was Fedir Tereshchenko?

федір терещенко

A wealthy Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist, Fyodor Tereshchenko is known in history for his extraordinary deeds. He is an honorary citizen of Kyiv.


Fyodor Tereshchenko was born in Hlukhiv on 8 February 1832. In the city, he repeatedly worked in various positions, such as a justice of the peace and mayor of the city magistrate.

He was in charge of the institutions founded by the Tereshchenko family in the city. He was also involved in charity work. Later he moved to Moscow, where he was a member of councils and headed local charity committees.

He moved to Kyiv in 1875. He was immediately elected to the City Duma.

In the city, he financed various charitable events that were held in the city at that time. These included the construction and maintenance of the Rubizhne colony, which was designed to teach young criminals to perform trades, and a maternity and lodging house on the Lower Val.


He organised an art gallery for Kyiv residents to visit in his house at 9 Tereshchenkivska Street. He bought works at auctions.

He was often visited by other prominent artists such as Shyshkin, Repin, and Kramskoi.

The works collected by Fedir Tereshchenko formed the basis of the Kyiv Museum of Art named after Varvara and Bohdan Khanenko.

He donated 25 thousand rubles for the construction of the City Museum (National Art Museum of Ukraine) two days before his death.

Tereshchenko’s family

Mariia Pavlivna Podlaneva was the first wife of Fedir Tereshchenko. He married Nadiia Khlopova for the second time.

She was the daughter of Khlopova, the provincial auditor of the excise board. From this marriage, he had children Fyodor, Nadezhda and Natalia.

Tereshchenko’s son later became a philanthropist as well. He was a public figure and aircraft designer.

Nadiia married Volodymyr Korobiin-Muravyov-Apostol. He was a state councilor, diplomat, and chamberlain.

Nataliia married the district leader of the nobility, Uvarov. After his death, she married a French pilot Louis de Guidon for the second time.

Fedir Tereshchenko died on 15 June 1894. The famous philanthropist was buried in the Tereshchenko family burial vault in the lower tier of the Three Anastasieva Church.