Road flooded, traffic blocked: water main burst in Kyiv (photos, video)

океан плаза київ

A large pit filled with water has formed on the road in front of the Ocean Plaza shopping centre.

A water pipe burst in the capital of Ukraine. Kyivteploenergo specialists localised the damage on Antonovycha Street. This was reported by the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration on 14 May.

The damaged network is 800 mm in diameter. It happened during hydraulic testing.

океан плаза київ океан плаза

Heat and power engineers have begun work to fix the “thin” spots on the pipelines and carry out appropriate repairs in a timely manner to ensure increased operation in winter.

Specialists of the emergency repair team of Kyivteploenergo are working on Antonovycha Street. They are disconnecting the section and thoroughly inspecting the location for additional repairs.

The accident caused traffic to be blocked. A number of public transport routes are delayed.

Lybidska metro station is operating as usual. Passengers are being transported.

Ocean Plaza shopping centre in Kyiv and accidents nearby

This is not the first time an accident has occurred near the Ocean Plaza shopping centre in Kyiv. In 2020, specialists repaired the damage to the pipeline on Antonovycha Street and restored traffic on the street. The damage caused a leakage of coolant onto the roadway.

In 2021, traffic on Antonovycha Street was also blocked. Then the water leak was localised and repairs were carried out.

Near the Lybidska metro station, traffic was blocked. Experts localised the water leak in the main heating network and carried out repairs. The accident damaged a 1000 mm diameter pipeline. It was put into operation in 1987.

Earlier in Kyiv, a man driving a Mercedes blocked the road and beat a tow truck driver.