More than 700 trees destroyed: Russian strike damages environment in Kyiv region (photos)

Kyiv was shelled by Russian invaders, but in vain. The capital’s air defence forces repelled the attack.

Environmental inspectors in the Kyiv region recorded the consequences of the Russian attack on 15 February 2024. The State Ecological Inspectorate of the Capital District published the details on Facebook.

A huge sinkhole was formed on the territory of the Bucha community as a result of a Russian missile strike. Experts went to the site to record the damage to the environment.

They found that the sinkhole was 6 metres deep and 14 metres in diameter. As a result of the attack, 700 pine, birch and oak trees under 12 years old were destroyed over an area of 2,000 square metres.

Environmental inspectors intend to collect all the necessary information to calculate the environmental damage caused by the armed aggression of Russian troops. The extent of the damage will be reported later.

Shelling of Kyiv and Ukraine on 15 February 2024

On 15 February, Serhiy Popko, the head of the KIAA, reported on Telegram that enemy missiles were flying at the Ukrainian capital. They came from different directions.

The air alert in the capital lasted more than 2 hours. The Ukrainian air defence forces successfully destroyed all the missiles.

Attack on Lviv

On 15 February, the occupiers also shelled Lviv. According to the mayor of the city Andriy Sadovyi more than 10 missiles were fired at the Lviv region. A kindergarten and two schools were damaged.

Attack on Lviv
More than 400 windows were smashed. A total of 18 residential buildings were damaged.

Shelling of Poltava

Russian troops attacked Poltava region at night. According to the head of the Poltava Regional Military Administration, Philip Pronin, a warehouse in the Myrhorod district was hit in Telegram. This caused a fire on an area of 100 m². There were no casualties or injuries as a result of the strike.

Strike on the Dnipro River

Serhiy Lysak, the head of the Dnipro Regional Military Administration, reported on Telegram that in the morning, air defence forces managed to eliminate two missiles. They landed in Novomoskovsk and Nikopol districts. In Dniprovskyi district, he said, an infrastructure facility was damaged.

Shelling of Zaporizhzhia

Traditionally, the Russian invaders shelled Zaporizhzhia, as reported by the secretary of the Zaporizhzhia City Council Anatoliy Kurtev on Telegram. The attack took place in the morning of 15 February. An infrastructure facility came under fire. According to him, four people could have been injured.

обстріл Запоріжжя Shelling of Zaporizhzhia

Earlier, the media reported that Bundeswehr generals secretly visited Kyiv on the day Valeriy Zaluzhnyi resigned.