In Kyiv, water continues to arrive in the Dnipro River

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Over the past seven days, the water level in the Dnipro has risen by more than 60 cm.

Since the beginning of 2024, the Dnipro River in Kyiv has risen to its absolute maximum. The details were announced on 17 March by Serhiy Popko, Head of the KCWA.

The water temperature is 3.9 degrees. As of 16 March, the indicator was recorded at 601 cm above the “0” post. The water temperature is 3.9 degrees.

The monitoring shows that over the past seven days, the Dnipro’s level within the capital has demonstrated a growth rate of more than 60 cm. For example, on 14 March, the water level fluctuated from 620 cm to 577 cm, but at the time of data recording it was 583 cm.

The report says that due to the missed spring flood, the rise in water levels and such significant fluctuations are due to increased water discharges from the Kyiv reservoir. In this regard, there is an initial flooding of floodplains and low-lying riverine areas.


The Dnipro River in Kyiv and interesting facts

The Dnipro River is the third longest and largest river basin in Europe. It is second only to the Volga and the Danube.

The name of the river is associated with the Scythian word Danapr. It means “deep river”.

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is located on the sacred hills of the Right Bank and the lowlands of the Left Bank. The metropolis is the largest city on the Dnipro River. There are 13 bridges across the river connecting the left and right banks of Kyiv.

The Dnipro and its tributaries are home to a large number of animals and fish. Among them are the largest rodent in Eurasia, the river beaver, and more than 70 species of fish.

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