In Boyarka a 260-year-old oak tree was treated and turned into a home for birds and bats (photo)

An oak tree in Boyarka had a huge open cavity that was formed as a result of a storm.

Experts managed to save the oak, which is almost 260 years old. Now birds and bats can live there. Arborist Volodymyr Vetrogradsky posted the details on Facebook.

He said that this tree was damaged by a severe storm a few years ago. Subsequently, pathogenic fungi settled in, and latent rot began to progress. When it reached a critical point, part of the tree easily broke away from the main trunk.

The oak tree in Boyarka had a huge open cavity. It was decided to equip the tree for birds and bats. This is for the next 50-60 years.

The specialist noted that such efforts would be an example for future generations. During the entire procedure, he had a pleasant conversation with both modern schoolchildren and ordinary residents who remember the life of the century-old oak tree from their childhood.

It turned out that some local residents remembered the life of the century-old oak from their childhood. The author of the post wished that more projects would emerge, as such initiatives are needed in Ukraine. Caring for birds and bats will be a priority, creating comfortable conditions for their life and increasing their population.

As a reminder, on 5 november, Kyivvodokanal experts said that the presence of birds on water bodies helps to control water quality. They described the situation at the Bortnytsia aeration station.