Hansen’s Town opened in Tarasivka for people who lost their homes due to the war (photo)

Houses destroyed by Russian invaders are being restored in the Kyiv region.

A Hansen’s Town was opened in Tarasivka for those who lost their homes as a result of the fighting. The KRMA group shared details on Telegram.

The message says that To Ukraine With Love is financing the construction. Dell Loy Hansen is the main investor. In total, more than 300 internally displaced persons will receive appropriate housing. 104 of them are children.

There will be three types of accommodation. In particular, the following:

  • 24 three-room apartments
    40 two-bedroom apartments (8 of them are inclusive)
    16 standard houses with a garage, each with an area of 110 m²

The second stage is scheduled to be launched in December. The houses will be rented free of charge for 5 years. The houses will be equipped with everything necessary for living. A school, library, kindergarten, public spaces, kitchen, etc. will also be built.