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Rockin’ in the Free World: US Secretary of State Blinken plays guitar in a bar in Kyiv

блінкен в барі

The popular song Rockin’ in the Free World is once again of interest to American politicians. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken played the guitar at the Barman at Dictat bar in Kyiv. Vedant Patel, the first deputy spokesperson for the State Department, commented on the event on the microblogging service X. The video shows the politician performing Neil Young’s ...

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Road flooded, traffic blocked: water main burst in Kyiv (photos, video)

океан плаза київ

A large pit filled with water has formed on the road in front of the Ocean Plaza shopping centre. A water pipe burst in the capital of Ukraine. Kyivteploenergo specialists localised the damage on Antonovycha Street. This was reported by the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration on 14 May. The damaged network is 800 mm in diameter. ...

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Kyiv has made friends with Zagreb: Klitschko and the mayor of the Croatian capital signed an agreement


Zagreb, which is more than a thousand years old, will now be a close ally of the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv has become a twin city of the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The mayor of the Ukrainian city, Vitali Klitschko, announced the details on Telegram. Together with the Mayor of Zagreb Tomislav Tomasevic, he signed the agreement. It happened during the ...

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Currency exchange rate as of 12 May: how much to buy and sell dollar, euro and złoty in Ukraine

долар курс

In May, Ukrainians learned the exchange rate in Ukraine from the National Bank. The National Bank of Ukraine decided to set the official exchange rate for 12 May. The dollar, euro and Polish złoty remained almost unchanged from the previous day. On weekends, the exchange rates in Ukraine are set at the rate of the previous business day. In particular, ...

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In Kyiv, water continues to arrive in the Dnipro River

dnipro kyiv

Over the past seven days, the water level in the Dnipro has risen by more than 60 cm. Since the beginning of 2024, the Dnipro River in Kyiv has risen to its absolute maximum. The details were announced on 17 March by Serhiy Popko, Head of the KCWA. The water temperature is 3.9 degrees. As of 16 March, the indicator ...

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Weather forecast for March: meteorologist names features of the first month of spring 2024

погода березень

The weather in Ukraine will be rainy in most regions. Fogs are also possible. In the second decade of March, there will be a certain restructuring of atmospheric processes. This was announced by weather forecaster Igor Kibalchich, Meteoprog reports. The intensification of cyclonic activity and atmospheric fronts will be caused by the development of a multi-centre low pressure area over ...

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“Russia has a certain amount of forces”: border guards explain whether there will be a new attack on Kyiv

зсу бмп

An offensive on Kyiv by Russian troops is not possible in the near future. Russia currently does not have enough forces to organise an offensive on the northern border. Andriy Demchenko, a spokesman for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS), provided details at a briefing. Russian troops are not able to re-invade, so an attack on Kyiv is ...

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More than 700 trees destroyed: Russian strike damages environment in Kyiv region (photos)

Kyiv was shelled by Russian invaders, but in vain. The capital’s air defence forces repelled the attack. Environmental inspectors in the Kyiv region recorded the consequences of the Russian attack on 15 February 2024. The State Ecological Inspectorate of the Capital District published the details on Facebook. A huge sinkhole was formed on the territory of the Bucha community as ...

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Bundeswehr generals secretly visited Kyiv on the day of Zaluzhny’s resignation – Bild

бройер і сирський

The participants in the meeting in Kyiv discussed urgent supplies of weapons and ammunition. The German military arrived in Ukraine to exchange views with their counterparts on the day of the resignation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny. This was reported by Bild. The publication informs that the military were seen in a hotel in ...

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Meteorologist makes weather forecast for February and surprises Ukrainians

погода лютий

Precipitation will be relatively even throughout the month. The weather forecast for February in Ukraine will be slightly different from the usual calendar indicators. Meteorologist Igor Kibalchich provided details, Meteoprog reports. The expert noted that in the first half of the month, the average daily temperature consistently exceeds 0°C. There is also a gradual increase in the temperature background. The ...

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