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A Shahed was shot down near Kyiv with an AK-74 rifle (video)

шахед київ

Soldiers of the 112th Brigade shot down a Shahid drone near Kyiv. The unit posted the results of its work on Instagram. AK-74s were used to eliminate the russian aerial target. The report says the attack took place at dawn in Kyiv region. “The mortar battery soldiers did a great job and destroyed the equipment. Upon hearing the sound, the ...

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In Boyarka a 260-year-old oak tree was treated and turned into a home for birds and bats (photo)

An oak tree in Boyarka had a huge open cavity that was formed as a result of a storm. Experts managed to save the oak, which is almost 260 years old. Now birds and bats can live there. Arborist Volodymyr Vetrogradsky posted the details on Facebook. He said that this tree was damaged by a severe storm a few years ...

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The presence of birds on water bodies allows to control water quality, – Kyivvodokanal (photo)

лебеді київ

Birds that have settled on the BSA outfall channel have a positive impact on water quality in Kyiv and the region. The Bortnytsia Wastewater Treatment Plant treats wastewater efficiently due to many factors, including the presence of birds. The press service of Kyivvodokanal provided details. The classical wastewater treatment scheme at the Bortnytsia aeration station involves biological and mechanical treatment. ...

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Archaeologists discover golden treasure of Hetmanate times in Bila Tserkva (photo)

Скарб часів Гетьманщини

The gold jewellery, which demonstrates the level of jewellery art of the Cossack state, was hidden in a clay bowl. In Bila Tserkva, a number of sites dating back to the Old Russian and Cossack periods were investigated in the ancient city, and experts found a large number of diverse and interesting artefacts. This was reported on Facebook on 1 ...

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Hansen’s Town opened in Tarasivka for people who lost their homes due to the war (photo)

Houses destroyed by Russian invaders are being restored in the Kyiv region. A Hansen’s Town was opened in Tarasivka for those who lost their homes as a result of the fighting. The KRMA group shared details on Telegram. The message says that To Ukraine With Love is financing the construction. Dell Loy Hansen is the main investor. In total, more ...

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A soldier was shot down at a checkpoint in Kyiv (photos)

Kyiv police are establishing the circumstances of the accident, which took place at around 00:30 on 22 October at the entrance to the Ukrainian capital. A driver driving a Honda hit a soldier at a checkpoint. This was reported by the Kyiv police press service. The driver was travelling on the M-01 road in the direction of Brovarskyi Avenue. In ...

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Weather forecasters tell what the weather will be like in Kyiv on 22 October

погода у києві

The weather in Kyiv region and in Kyiv will be warm and without precipitation throughout the day. The weather in Kyiv on 22 October will be warm and without precipitation. This was reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Centre. The air temperature in the capital of Ukraine will be 10° in the morning. The relative humidity is 99% and the atmospheric ...

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