A Ukrainian went mushroom picking on the last day of January and found “winter mushrooms” (photo)

гриб зимовий

Winter mushrooms can be found in almost all regions of Ukraine.

In the Kyiv region, a man showed the results of a “quiet hunt” on the last day of January. He posted photos and videos on the Facebook group Mushrooms of Ukraine.

The mushroom picker said that this was his first forest hike in 2024. He called it a great day because he managed to find a flammulina (Flammulina velutipes). The sunny weather and good mood in Brovary district contributed to the discovery.

“I wish you all the best and enjoy your favourite hobbies!” the Ukrainian wrote in his post.

winter Mushrooms

Mushrooms in winter, where to look for winter boletus

Winter mushroom, winter boletus (Flammulina velutipes) is a species of woody edible mushroom in the genus Flammulina of the family Marasmiaceae. It is also known as recruitment, flamulina, and winter mushroom.

Botanist William Curtis described this mushroom in detail in 1782 as Agaricus velutipes. In 1951, Rolf Singer transferred it to the genus Flammulina. In the UK, it is called velvet shank.

In Latin, Flammulina means “fire”, which indicates the colour of the mushroom. Until recently, it was considered to be one-specific with the Asian Flammulina filiformis.

In Ukraine, “winter mushrooms” can be seen in almost all regions. It is sought from autumn to early spring on stumps and trunks of deciduous and occasionally coniferous trees; in groups.

The winter mushroom is good for consumption when young (only the cap is edible). It is also used fresh and dried.

As a reminder, a 260-year-old oak tree in Boyarka was treated and turned into a home for birds and bats.