A soldier was shot down at a checkpoint in Kyiv (photos)

Kyiv police are establishing the circumstances of the accident, which took place at around 00:30 on 22 October at the entrance to the Ukrainian capital.

A driver driving a Honda hit a soldier at a checkpoint. This was reported by the Kyiv police press service.

The driver was travelling on the M-01 road in the direction of Brovarskyi Avenue. In the fog, he saw a truck and braked sharply. He was unable to control the vehicle, and it subsequently ran into the serviceman.

The man, born in 1976, sustained fatal injuries as a result of the collision. The serviceman died at the scene.

Law enforcement officers tested the driver’s blood alcohol content. It turned out that the driver, born in 1978, was sober.

The accident occurred during the curfew. The driver committed the accident in thick fog. Criminal proceedings have been initiated.