A Shahed was shot down near Kyiv with an AK-74 rifle (video)

шахед київ

Soldiers of the 112th Brigade shot down a Shahid drone near Kyiv. The unit posted the results of its work on Instagram.

AK-74s were used to eliminate the russian aerial target. The report says the attack took place at dawn in Kyiv region. “The mortar battery soldiers did a great job and destroyed the equipment.

Upon hearing the sound, the soldiers used automatic weapons and shot down the drone. The wreckage of the UAV shot down in the sky fell into the Dnipro River.

It is noted that this is the third time that the 112th Brigade has shot down a drone with small arms during the full-scale invasion.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine stressed that a total of 75 “Shahids” were spotted during the night attack by the russian occupiers. Only one drone was not destroyed.

“Well done, guys,” the post reads.

In February 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine from several directions. After winning the battle for Kyiv, the occupiers continued to attack. On 30 March, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down several cruise missiles over the Ukrainian capital at night.